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I’m sitting in the corner all alone burning

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Here In The Darkness


Sophia tilted her head and smiled. “Oh, those were yours?” She put away her gun to free her hands. She’d sent her message but it looked like it was going to take more than that to get rid of this one. “I’d say I’m sorry but I’m not. It’s part of the job description.” To be honest, she was kind of tired and didn’t feel like dealing with a demon she wasn’t even getting paid to kill.

“Well, Meg, you seem like a really horrible person but I’m pay to play right now. And seeing as no one’s paying me to kill you, then you should go before it gets ugly.” Her hands at her sides, Sophia could feel the fire within her, itching to be let out. She only used her powers as a last resort. The last thing she needed was someone running their mouth about seeing her in action with them. So she’d try to avoid using them, for now.

Meg smirked at the hunter’s sarcastic tone. She wasn’t sure if this night was going to end in show of force, but she decided she liked this girl. She really would feel bad if she had to kill her. “I was rather fond of them, actually,” she said has she shrugged out of her leather jacket and held it up to inspect the bullet hole. “Real leather. What a shame.” Dropping the jacket, she took a step closer to the girl.

"Care to tell me your name, or do I need to turn to alternative methods to get it out of you?" Meg stood still, tensed and waiting to see what was going to happen. She much preferred to be on the defensive if this conversation was going to get physical. She could see from the set of the hunter’s shoulders that she was angry. Good. This night was going to be interesting.

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Here In The Darkness


Sophia glanced behind her, in case another person was following and tried to cut her off. She sighed and rolled her eyes as she listened. From the teasing tone she assumed that it was a demon. Now, she didn’t mind taking demons out but normally she was the one hunting them, not the other way around. Keeping her finger on the trigger, she licked her lips. A gun wouldn’t kill a demon, but it could slow it down and irritate it. 

She stepped out in the demon’s line of sight with her gun aimed at it. “Oh, I can think of a couple ways I can have a good time but none of them end very well for you.” Sophia wasn’t really the type to banter. It slowed her down and gave the other guy way too many openings. So she shot the woman in the shoulder as a warning. Leave or be prepared to try to take her out.

Meg walked forward with her hands raised, trying to put the girl at ease. Her shoulder hurt like a bitch but she didn’t want to kill the hunter until she had some answers. If then. “Hey, I just want to talk,” she said. “That’s all. No one has to get hurt. Aside from my clothing, apparently.” Meg stopped about five feet away, figuring the distance to be far enough away that the hunter would feel secure but close enough to kill her at even the hint of an exorcism.

"The name’s Meg. And from what I hear, you’ve been having a little fun with some of my demons. Seems you have a gift at hunting our kind." The way Meg saw it, this could go two ways. Either she’d kill the hunter, or she’d get the hunter to join her in her search for followers. Having someone as skilled at tracking demons down as this girl appeared to be would be helpful. 

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Here In The Darkness


Sophia wasn’t the type to go tracking down demons out of the goodness of her heart. Right now she was working as a mercenary. Times were tough for everyone, hunters included. She just happened to find a way to kill time and make money. Helping people was just the cherry on her karma pie. A couple had recently had her on the trail of their missing daughter. All signs pointed to demonic possession. Simple enough.

She’d managed to excise the demon and reunite the family in a matter of days. Now, she was bored again. But she had a little more money to add to her nest egg. Walking back to her motel, she realized someone was following her. Pretending not to notice, she kept her regular pace. Turning down the next alleyway, Sophia turned and pulled out her gun. 

Meg had finally found her. The hunter responsible for taking out her demons. For months now, more and more of her demons had been disappearing. For a while, she’d been convinced it was the work of multiple hunters, that the demons were just getting careless. Now she knew better. Now she had the girl cornered.

She’d been following the girl for a few days now, keeping to the shadows and watching. But tonight was the night. 

She paused at the entrance to the alley, knowing that the girl probably thought she’d be able to get a jump on her. “Little hunter,” she called out. “Won’t you come out and play? I think we’d have a good time.” Meg stayed where she was, watching and waiting. The hunter didn’t have any weapons that would hurt her, but being excised was never fun.

"Come on, little girl. I don’t have all night."

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